Our girls love to crush everything under their sexy high heels, cute bare feet or tasty asses. The feeling of power and control makes them go wild and makes them deliver awesome crushing clips for you!

Read what they said after the shoot:

„Crushing this doll's head under my heels was just awesome!“ Amely

„I loved how the teddy got flat under my butt!“ Angelina

„I felt just great feeling all the banana mash all over my feet!“ Lilia

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Teddy ripped apart by high heels

Saskia put on her black high heels for this crush video. The shoes are pretty old and the steel tips are sticking out of the heels - perfect to crush and rip apart the teddy! She uses the sharp heel tips to cut the teddy and totally rips it apart. In the end she steps on the remains with her sweaty bare feet as well!

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Ambulance under Saskia's sneakers

Saskia wants to use her worn-out white sneakers to destroy this ugly ambulance toy car. First she steps on it carefully and tests how it's handling the massive pressure from above, but then she starts literally stomping it and destroys it easily. In the end there are only small pieces left of it - scattered all over the floor.

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Quark balls squished under sexy feet

Emely's going to make these quark balls even more tasty - by crushing them under her sexy feet! She slowly crushes one after one and grinds them under her feet. When she finally crushed all of them she shows you her messy foot soles!

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